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​Here To Give you Better Loans

Nobilo Finance is here to help you secure a loan for your truck, we have experience helping our clients finance all types of vehicles and personal assets. Our process ensures that if you have clean credit, this can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

Lower Interest Rates

In a forever changing interest rate environment it is nice to have the peace of mind that your rate is fixed for the term of the loan.

Approved in minutes

Our lending process is so lightening fast, you can expect your lending to be approved in minutes. Gone are the days of waiting for weeks till you loan gets approved.

$0 deposit Finance

If you don't want to pay a deposit and have clean credit, then don't! Deposits won't impact the interest rate we can secure for you unless you have dented credit.

Loans Trusted by Kiwis All Across New Zealand

Loans Trusted by Kiwis All Across New Zealand

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Sasha Bell

Location NZ
Rating 15 Jun 2023

By far the best customer service experience!

This is by far the best experience I’ve had organising finance and pretty sure the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Sam was honestly so fast with responses and follow ups. I couldn’t recommend more. Thanks Sam!


Zulfa Siers

Location NZ
Rating 6 Mar 2023

Amazing service from Sam and Celine

Amazing service from Sam and Celine , they even reply to emails after hours , would definitely recommend their service everything done so promptly and very professionally.Will continue to deal with in the future.


Chris Waters

Location NZ
Rating 24 May 2023

Amazing service

Amazing service!
Within the period of 1 day I had finance too buy a truck for my business! Absolutely stoked as!!! Highly highly recommend Nobilo finance and we will definitely be using Nobilo for all our business needs from here on out.
Many thanks Sam! Epic experience!!!


Mani vardhan

Location NZ
Rating 15 May 2023

This is my second transaction process…

Highly recommend Nobilo finance I couldn’t thank you guys enough!


David Thompson

Location NZ
Rating 17 Aug 2023

Nobilo finance go above and beyond to…

Nobilo finance go above and beyond to help out my clients. They respond near instantly and can even help out customers in tricky credit situations. Couldn’t recommend them enough.
David – DCA Motors


Michaela Gillingham

Location NZ
Rating 3 Apr 2023

Incredible quality service!

Their efficiency, friendliness and wealth of knowledge is truly one of a kind and I will definitely be recommending Nobilo Finance to anyone who is looking to obtain a loan in future.



Location NZ
Rating 22 Mar 2023

Fantastic experience!!!

What a pleasure it was to deal with Sam at Nobilo finance. This was our 2nd loan with them and on both occasions we’ve had amazing service. Quick and easy we had just arrived in NZ tge first time and even then we had no issues. Sam and his team is on point with everything and so helpful. Feedback is also almost immediately every single time. Thank you Sam!

Get the most competitive interest rates

If you already have a boat loan and feel you are paying too much interest, Give us a call and we can have a look to see if there’s any room for savings. Our familiarity with financiers early settlement fees mean we can accommodate for EVERY cost in a refinance – not just the interest cost.

​If you are looking for a fast solution to get your loan approved, and a team that will do everything to help you secure the loan, we are here for you. ​Use our simple loan repayment calculator to find out what your repayments may be. As everybody’s financial position is different fees and rates will vary between applicants. If you want an accurate estimate before applying – feel free to give us a quick call!

If you are not sure on what interest rate we can achieve for you, we do not run a credit check until we have spoken to you so you can apply online requesting an indication, which will be emailed through – or we will call. While we understand everybody hates hearing “Depending on your credit and financial position” we can give very accurate estimates after asking a few questions.​

Because we are a broker we have no set criteria, once we speak with you, we will know which lenders will consider your lend, rough rates and whether or not we can help.
As a guideline you must be in full time employment, with a restricted or full licence. If you work part-time or have a condition 1 on your licence/learner licence, you may need a guarantor with clean credit who works full time.

We can help anybody over the age of 18 working full time or self employed. Anybody between the age of 18-21 will likely need a parental guarantor. Even if you have dented credit, we may have a solution for you.

Yes, deposits are typically only required to offset the risk of dented credit or if a luxury or old asset is being purchased.

Yes, if you let us know where you have tried this will significantly help us in achieving a faster answer for you.

A pre approval is where we run all checks to give you an offer of finance confirming your interest rate, repayments and any lending conditions. Standard conditions on an approval are signed loan documents, AML (anti-money laundering) which is the process of confirming your identity and insurance on the asset being purchased.

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Nobilo Finance - Truck Loan Specialist

If you are looking for a fast solution to get your truck loan approved, and a team that will do everything to help you secure the loan, we are here for you. ​Use our simple loan repayment calculator to find out what your repayments may be.

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"We have helped thousands of Kiwis with their loans, and we are passionate about it

- Sam Nobilo (Director)

well established reputation

We reduce the barrier for our customers when it comes to borrowing money. Nobilo Finance offers more than just loans, we also offer great values.

We help more than


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Our fastest record was

13 minutes

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As a testament to our service

1 in 3

Transactions is a repeat client

"We have helped thousands of Kiwis with their loans, and we are passionate about it

- Sam Nobilo (Director)

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