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What does a major bump in OCR mean for you?

The definition of OCR in finance is Official Cash Rate. It has quite a large impact on New Zealand’s economy. The reserve bank adjusts this up and down to tackle inflation, and unemployment and is largely based on the results of the consumer price index.

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Easy steps to fixing a bad credit score

New Zealand has two main credit reporting systems that lenders use in the asset finance market – Centrix and Equifax. Equifax was the most common agency until Centrix brought in comprehensive credit reporting. Today, we will learn how to fix your bad credit score easily in a few simple steps.

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A beginner’s guide to buying your first boat

Buying A Boat First Time in New Zealand

​Buying your first boat and taking out your first boat loan in NZ has become much safer in recent years, although there are still risks. The biggest of which is fraud. Unlike vehicles that have a registration recording ownership details and vehicle details – boats do not have this.

Trailers do, but in most cases, the trailer value is a tenth of that of the boat and does not record the hull year, make, model, serial number or engine details.

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Finance jargons decoded for the average Joe

The finance industry is full of jargon, abbreviations and acronyms that get used so often, sometimes we forget that your average Joe may not know what they are!
​​Below we will break down some key terms you may come across:

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